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Top 3 Trends of the Semester

November 7, 2018

This semester at the U of A, trends have been popping up out of nowhere! The stores on University have been getting new clothes on the daily and they are all flying off the shelves. The women on campus are making these trends blow up by posting on social media and inspiring one another to go shopping from simple posts.

The first trend that is taking the campus by storm is chunky shoes. Whether it be chunky gym shoesDoc Martins, or just chunky heeled booties, this trend is rapidly being adopted by the women walking around campus. This type of shoe is easy to style because you can dress it up and dress it down. I have seen Doc Martins being worn to all types of events with all types of outfits such as dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts and many more.

Another trend that has been taking over the campus is animal print. Recently, cheetah print has been the most popular but snake print is also super popular in the stores. Dresses, bodysuits, skirts, shoes and even belts are all being covered in animal print. With Halloween just passing, this trend took over the night by allowing many women to dress up as a cheetah for the night. 

The last trend that has been brought back in popularity from the 90’s is plaid. Any type or color of plaid is making a comeback. This generation is known for bringing back items that were popular in the past and plaid is one of them! The classic flannel has always been around making plaid something that never really left but in recent seasons it has been seen much more as it is being turned into dresses, skirts and tops that can be dressed up or down.

All of these trends are super versatile and can be worn in any environment, which is why I think they are becoming so popular. While looking at Instagram it is easy to find all of the top trends that are in season by looking at all of the boutique’s pages and seeing what people are wearing. Keeping up with the trends is simple as long as you’re on social media and paying attention to the women walking around campus.

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