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Trend Fashion Club

December 5, 2018

Trend Fashion club is a fashion based club at the University of Arizona. People who love fashion, design, merchandise purchasing, styling and any other aspects of the fashion industry can find a place in this club.

There are many other aspects to the club that can provide information to people who are interested in other aspects of fashion. The President of the club provided more insight into what the meetings are like.

Claudia Johnson is a Journalism major and an eSociety minor but has an interest in fashion. Her major and minor shows that anyone can join regardless of what your focus in school is, you are welcomed in the club.

Johnson says that in order to make the club a fun and welcoming environment she starts each club by playing music as the members walk in. When the meeting begins, she starts going through the basic needs of the club like making sure everyone paid their dues.

Her daily tasks consist of creating meeting topics for the weekly meetings, talk to potential people who want to collaborate with the club, plan the various trips the club takes and “help my e-board members with whatever task they may need help with,” Johnson explains.

Majority of the club meetings have a guest speaker, but if there is not one for that week they will do an activity of some sort, either lasts the entire meeting. At the end of the normal meeting, the e-board stays to have their blog meeting.

The blog meetings consist of talking about the club blog. Some of the members who like to take pics, model or write for the blog to stay after the meeting to talk about what kind of post they want to do that weekend and where.

The club has one major event each semester. During the fall semester, the club members volunteer and work with The Phoenix Fashion show. Some members get the opportunity to apply and work backstage. If a member is not selected for that they just work the front of the show (tickets, tabling, etc.)

The spring semester, the club takes a trip to Las Vegas to attend MAGIC, a fashion trade show. Members of the club must apply and if they get selected then they can go to Las Vegas to work the biggest trunk show in the nation.

The annual UA Fashion Week is put on by the Trend Fashion Club. This gives student designers the opportunity to showcase their work as well as work with established designers.

Trend provides many opportunities to the members of the club and anyone who is interested in the industry. It is a great start to getting a head start in the field and getting your foot in the door!

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